Sound Intensity Scanner AR (SISAR) is a sound intensity measurement and visualization system with augmented reality and mixed reality (AR/MR).

By wearing an AR/MR device and scanning a handy sensor, the steady sound field can be measured.

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1, Quickly measure large areas

Neither the measurement sensor nor the camera is fixed.

Quickly measure large areas while the user moves around.

2, 3D sound field observation by AR/MR

The system displays the measurement results in real space via AR/MR devices.

Free viewpoint movement and binocular stereopsis enable efficient understanding of the 3D sound flow.

3, Various setting parameters

By changing setting value, measureed data can be analyzed under various conditions.

The results are immediately displayed on the PC and AR/MR device application.

4, 3D model import/export

3D models can be imported within the PC application.

You can also send us your measured data and INSPIREI will convert it into 3D.


Measurement System

It consists of PC software and a microphone array handheld sensor.

The software manages measurement data and setting parameters and shares it with the visualization system via a local network.

To measure a wide range of frequencies, there are two types of sensors with microphone spacing of 2 cm and 5 cm.

Main system

Calibration system

Visualization System

3D sound intensity maps are displayed in AR/MR based on data shared from the measurement system.

HoloLens2 and iOS systems are available.




INSPIREI Inc. was established from the Acoustic Laboratory of Waseda University to develop AR/MR systems for visualization and measurement of sound fields.


・Handy sensor

・Measuring within reach

・Vector field

・Measurement with visualization of the steady sound field

OTOMIRU created by Tobishima

・Placement sensors

・Distant and extensive measurements

・Scalar field

・Real-time measurement and visualization